Children from the North Texas Metroplex Area Making Music Together!

Accepting Registrations for the 2021/2022 Season!

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Attention all children entering 3rd and 4th Grade this fall!

Texas Children’s Chorale is a NON Audition choir and we would love you to join!

Audition for TYC

Attention all youth entering  5th and  6th  Grade this fall!

Interesting in joining the Texas Youth Chorale? See below for more information!  

Our Choirs

upcoming events
July 26-30
Summer Camp
10am-noon - Grades 3 and 4
1pm - 3pm - Grades 5 and 6
1pm - 5pm - Grades 7 and 8
October TBD
Sing for Allen Americans Hockey
Come join us

We welcome all youth in grades 3-5 to try out our program. Click below to contact us!

About us

Our core values are at the heart of what we do. We draw on these guiding principles as we learn and grow as individual artists, musicians and leaders while becoming valuable contributors to each other and our community.

  • Love – The message we sing with our hearts
  • Truth – The standard for our organization
  • Self Control – Discipline of our NT Choir team in rehearsals, performances and tours
  • Harmony –Encouraging and singing in accord with each other
  • Joy – The deep sense of making music together and building relationships
  • Passion – The unquenchable desire to become fully focused on a certain pursuit
  • Perseverance – Teaching our singers to NEVER give up
  • Kindness – How we lead and communicate
  • Faithfulness – Our commitment to NT Choirs and each choir
  • Peace – What we strive for in rehearsals and performances
  • Patience – The calm willingness to show grace in all situations
  • Service – To aid others through special concerts and activities
  • Follower/Leader – Teaching the willingness to follow and the courage to lead
  • Thankfulness – Being intentional in finding the good in every situation
March 2021

You can’t mask the enthusiasm!

TYC Auditions – May 8th

Texas International Choral Festival and Camp! – great opportunity for local youth!

NTCC 2022 – we look forward to celebrate 25 years!

Special Edition February newsletter 2021

 Zoom Auditions for 2021/2022 Season are open!

TICF registrations for June 2021 are coming in!

January Newsletter 2021

Events… Yes! There will be Events! 

Our Vision
Providing a worldwide platform where children and youth have the opportunity to perform high-level choral music while experiencing new cultures and sharing music from their hearts and to provide a distinguished concert venue to inspire our musicians and our audiences.

We are grateful to our sponsors

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