June 15 - 19, 2024

Welcome Choral Groups to TICF!  

We hope that you are finding all the information that you need!  For additional information/questions and pricing information, please contact Ann Smith at ann@ntchoirs.com or 972-752-8885

Please follow the following steps to register your choir!

  1. Click on “Choral Group Registration” link and register your choir!  This form provides initial information for us to follow up and start the registration process!
  2.  Once we receive the choral group registration, we will send an invoice to the main contact for the $250 Choir deposit
  3. Please review the Terms and Conditions for deadlines 
  4. Once your choir is registered,  you will receive emails from admin@ntchoirs.com which will include a link to a registration form that ALL participants (directors, singers, administrators, chaperones, others..) need to complete.  One registration per person is required to be completed!
  5. You will communicate with us the number of participants attending and we will send an invoice for the total deposit due to the main choir contact.  All future payments will also be handled this way!
  6. Any questions at all! Please contact us!  We are here to help and make this a smooth and informative registration process
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